About Us



Avenue Road Academy (AVRO) is a ministry approved private school in central Toronto. It is an Ontario Secondary School registered to provide credits for grades 9 to 12. The school is able to help students achieve great successes in both the sciences and arts. Students are provided experienced teachers who see each student as an individual attention to take part in their course selection and course design and commit to either a full-time or part-time schedule. The school is designed to empower students to take charge of their own destiny. We facilitate this process by encouraging the practices of both critical thinking and creativity. We help students find a learning process with personalized strategies to help them achieve success but exceed expectations. Our school encourages students to use their personal passions, interests, and build upon strengths to become independent and critical thinkers. Students complete High School and gain acceptance into college and university programs feeling confident they have acquired invaluable study habits, leadership skills, the ability to take responsibility for their future.

We have created a community of learning. A feeling of being at confident develop your abilities as far as possible by offering you the chance to participate in a wide range of learning. You are encouraged to develop a strong sense of partnership with your colleagues and teachers. By giving you a sensible degree of freedom to select your subjects, organize your study time and study habits, you will have a rewarding experience with us. This will prepare you well for the next stage in your life, whether it is employment or a continuation of your education. We believe in giving you the freedom and responsibility to succeed with your talent and skills.

With us, you will be motivated to develop the following skills:

• the ability to work seriously and conscientiously with or without supervision;

• the ability to express yourselves effectively, both verbally and in writing;

• the ability to think logically and to develop arguments coherently;

• the ability to investigate scientific ideas;

• the ability to use technology effectively;

• the ability to appreciate the natural and human worlds, and to investigate these further;

• the ability to understand the workings of the business world.

You will successfully complete the credits by demonstrating:

✓ Continuous progress as measured by your coursework;

✓ The willingness to devote time and energy to the pursuit of academic excellence;

✓ Perseverance and determination to overcome inevitable personal/social difficulties; and

✓ A responsible attitude, mature behavior, and excellent attendance.