The Clinical Program: Integrative Support

Wondering whether Avenue Road Academy’s Clinical Program is right for your young person?

AVRO’s clinical program functions within the regular school sessions, and provides an opportunity for students to thrive academically and emotionally. The clinical program allows students to receive confidential, non-stigmatizing support both on a regular and as-needed basis. An experienced team of teachers and counsellors ensure a learning environment that has positive social interactions concurrent with academic support. Students and instructors co-create Individualized programs of study, and parents are invited to participate in the process. Our regular Wednesday lunch meetings invite students to safely share stories, insights, and concerns with the group. We encourage conscious listening practices that foster respect for differences and connections with shared interests.


Running alongside its regular credit programs, Avenue Road Academy’s clinical program provides a therapeutic environment for students that require personal guidance alongside of their academic skills. We have a registered Social Worker and Counselling Psychologist on staff, whose services are available to all students. All the teaching staff have years of experience and training in special education, and we focus on mind-body learning whenever thematically appropriate for the student and curricular goals.

Our aim is to support the psycho-social needs of our students in addition to their education needs. In the clinical program we use tools such as music and expressive arts therapy (EXA) to enhance creativity and develop a sense of enjoyment in learning. It is not necessary to be an artist to benefit from EXA. It is a way of using the arts to help people with a variety of challenges; whether they be psychological, emotional, behavioural, or associated with life traumas, relationships or transitions. Our goal is to provide a haven where students feel comfortable enough to be themselves and where their educational and emotional needs are met.

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