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At Avenue Road Academy, our pedagogical approach is based upon an integrated learning system that brings together several dimensions of education—including education as a personal journey and education for the acquisition of knowledge and skills. We help our students understand their place in the world, as well as their own way in the world.

Grade 9 – Physical Intelligence

Grade Nine is foundational for any student entering high school, as it is where students will begin to learn and achieve all necessary skills for success. In our grade nine program, we focus on orienting the student on understanding what the high school journey is about. For example, course structure, work habits and skills development (e.g. skills they have and skills they need to improve on). In addition, students will learn about basic environmental concerns, risks, and factors, while understanding the physical world.

Grade 10 – Intellectual Intelligence

In our Grade Ten program, we focus on thinking skills. In more detail we look at critical thinking and apply it to everyday life. Grade 10 is a time to improve academic skills that students began to work on in grade 9. Here, we allow students to build upon their identities and thinking habits. In addition, students begin to think about their place in history (e.g. thinking about how they got to this certain point and where society is going), and the impact they want to leave on the future. Avenue Road Academy helps students understand their own learning style (e.g. visual, auditory, tactical, etc).

Grade 11 – Emotional Intelligence

In our Grade Eleven program, we focus on building relationships with family, friends, teachers, peers, and the outside world. More specifically, students begin to recognize how they relate to other people. The senior level courses become ‘deepened’, depending on what students are interested in (e.g. biology, religious studies, etc). This allows students to become aware of what they feel passionate about and their personal style of doing things. In addition, students begin to find places in the world they attune to and identify with.

Grade 12 – Environmental Intelligence

In our Grade Twelve program, students clarify their thinking and put the pieces of what they want to do together. They understand and solidify how their ideas and processes connect with one another (e.g. planning post secondary studies, working, taking time off, traveling, volunteering, etc). As our Grade Twelve students leave Avenue Road Academy, they leave with a sense of interconnectedness. They understand that all things live in relation to one another, and everything on earth is connected.

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