Eco-Health Carbon Challenge

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Welcome to our Eco-health Carbon Challenge

Worlds First!
We are committed to helping our students and their parents choose intelligent means of transportation for ourselves and our planet. We believe that personal-powered transportation is the least carbon intensive form of transportation, followed by public transit. We believe that in the short term rewarding students for their choices is a good ecological decision.

We are also committed to healthy lifestyles and we believe that using human powered forms of transportation are not only good for the environment, but good for our wholistic well being.

As an incentive, this program will allocate a certain amount of money to be given to students and staff who get to school in an ecologically minded fashion. Students or staff who walk, roller-blade, skateboard, or ride a bike will get $3.00 per day, Students who take public transportation will receive $1.00 per day; if that individual chooses to include an at-minimum 1 kilometre walk, or ride as part of their commute then they earn $3.00 per day.

How It Works:
Each month staff and students and staff will fill out a form indicating their form of transportation to and from school. At the end of the month we will add up all of the amounts students are supposed to receive and give out money according to our monthly carbon budget.


Eco-Health Challenge 2016-2017 Overview

Term 1: Fire / Intellect                                                                                 Sept 19 – Oct 14

Human Powered Commute

Get to school without burning fossil fuels and get paid for it! You’ll be keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere and getting your heart pumping at the same time. Regular exercise has positive impacts on your memory, thinking skills, and mood.

How it works: Bike, walk, or skateboard to school and get $3 each day.

Term 2: Water / Emotion                                                                            Nov 21 – Dec 19

Water Bottle Ban

Hydrate your body while keeping oil in the ground. If you fill up a water bottle a quarter of the way with oil, that’s how much oil it takes to produce the plastic water bottle! Did you know that the safety of tap water is regulated more than bottled water? Plus there are concerns that the chemicals from the plastic water bottles leach into the water.

How it works: If you can make it for the full four weeks without using a plastic one time use water bottle, you will get $25.

Term 3: Earth / Body                                                                                   Feb 6 – Mar 3

Litterless Lunch

Reusable containers keep waste out of landfills while encouraging healthy eating habits. Pre-packaged and fast food have a lot of additional waste and are usually less healthy and more expensive than homemade meals.

How it works: Receive $2 for every day that you bring a lunch without any disposable components.

Term 4: Spirit / Air                                                                                       Apr 24 – May 18

Midday Mindfulness

Meditating regularly has been shown to have many mental health benefits including positive impacts related to learning, memory, self-awareness, and compassion. In order to live on the planet we must be aware of our presence, our attention and our impact. At root this happens through

How it works: Our mindfulness practice takes place for 15 minutes from 12:15-12:30 in the humanities room. Receive $2 for every day that you participate.

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