Full Time


School Day (9:30 am – 4:00 pm)

Student enrolled full-time are expected to complete eight credit courses per school year (two credits per term). They study one course in the morning session (9:30 am) and one in the afternoon session (1:00 pm). Successful completion of a credit requires 110 hours of planned learning other than homework. If a student is showing excellent progress and good time management for the other two courses, he/she may be allowed to do a third credit during the term.

  • Students are expected to use the time outside of teaching schedule for independent study, developing passions, personal interests, and socializing with peers.
  • Each student is allocated a time for life skills / living values education.
  • Each student is encouraged to attend the Wednesday Meeting at 1:00pm followed by a lunch that the school offers. This is an open forum for students and staff to discuss relevant issues or matters of interest.
  • Various activities are held throughout the year such as outdoor trips, lunch outings, educational and recreational outings,