Our Approach

Individualized Education in a Community Setting


The AVRO approach empowers students to exercise self-discipline towards a positive future, develop healthy self-esteem and good study habits, and deepen their understanding of how they fit into the web of life. Being empowered, our students “buy into” school and do meaningful work that is inspired and inspiring.

Learning Environment

  • Small class sizes
  • Student-teacher ratios of 5:1, 2:1 and 1:1
  • Independent learning, peer mentorship, and on-site academic tutoring both in-person and online
  • On-site clinical therapy and academic guidance
  • All necessary resources for course work

We strive to enhance the students personal learning experience and community experience simultaneously. We achieve this by promoting a community atmosphere where students can exchange positive interactions. Our small classroom size allows us to reduce distractions and stress and increase peer support. Students are taught how to learn alongside their peers in an environment that is supportive and non-judgmental, free from bullying and discrimination. We offer both individual, family and group counseling services.