Our Curriculum & Schedule

Critical Skills, Academic Ability, & Life Skills: 

As well as helping your child think critically, improve their academic ability we support students to learn in the ways that they naturally learn. We follow the Ontario curriculum and support our students to go on to University or College.

Your child’s AVRO journey starts in our Critical Skills Program, where experienced and empathetic faculty build on the students’ academic success while adding a comprehensive life skills curriculum. Our program combines the development of important life skills with the Ontario Ministry mandated academic curriculum. In order to best prepare students for the road ahead, the program has been developed to enrich and enhance their understanding of such important skills as:

  • Managing one’s wellness
  • Study skills
  • Financial literacy
  • Creative thinking
  • Planning & time management
  • Community services
  • Personal nutrition
  • Improving academic achievement

This program will allow our students to move to the rigorous academic challenges of Grades 10, 11, and 12, armed with an excellent education, as well as the practical skills necessary for success after high school, and the ability to think independently, analytically, and critically.

2016-2017 Avenue Road Academy Course Calendar