Our Philosophy

The AVRO Way – Individualized Education in a Community Setting

Avenue Road Academy provides students with individualized and empowering support so they can take ownership of their studies. Guided by the Ontario Ministry of Education-supported, self-directed learning program called ‘iPlan’, students achieve their academic objectives by identifying, selecting, and developing:

1. Academic interests and achievable expectations
2. Personalized learning strategies
3. Effective methods of communication and evaluation
4. Effective written and oral communication skills
5. Critical and logical thinking skills

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Our program facilitates students’ genuine engagement in their education because they have agency throughout the learning process. Faculty facilitates students to develop an individualized plan and to follow through with these expectations, all in accordance with their own learning style, personal interests, and skills. Youth develop into responsible students as they are provided with opportunities to think creatively and to challenge themselves in a fully supportive environment. Students are empowered to develop a wide range of learning objective deliverables that reflect their strengths, from essay writing and oral presentations, to model making and PowerPoint slide shows.

At AVRO, we work closely with students’ previous schools to review any I.E.P.s or other clinical assessments in order to best address learning issues. It is important for faculty, students, and parents to know what has worked and what has not so that we can collaboratively build success.